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Friday, March 11, 2011

Supermodel's Secrets 1st Year Anniversary


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BLOG about this contest and Win a Guaranteed Gift! 
STEP 1Blog about this Giveaway with Link to our website + photo
STEP 2: Let us know by leaving your blog link as a comment here with your
Follower ID:   deqlis
E-mail Address:  ellismelia@yahoo.com
Link of the blog post of this contest: 
Date and duration of post:  11 March2011, 12.57pm until 14 March 2011, 12"57pm)
Choice of GIFT: A Bra Strap Concealer clips 

You’re DONE! We’ll send you the Guaranteed Gift after retrieving your info by early April 2011. You also have 1 lucky draw entry for the Grand Prize in April.

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