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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ma Belle Shoppe Giveaway

Ma Belle Shoppe Giveaway dianjurkan oleh Notre Belle Histoire.
Ma Belle Shoppe is for everyone out there who wants the best bargain! Find best deals right here for souvenirs, fashion and fragrances! Only authentic and brand names stuff from Europe. Feel free to request additional items you want and I will do my best to fulfill it! Let's shop!
Latest promotion - **Save shipping cost for pre order until 25th May 2011.

Syaratnya mudah , teka berapa harga beg putih ini (gambar di atas)

Tekaanku :-

1. CHF 123

2. CHF 113

Menariknya GA ni, kalau tekaan tak mengena, ada cabutan bertuah!


jadi apa tunggu lagi, jom join
klik di sini ya!

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